Mind over Matter: How to Stay Brain Healthy Longer

Women’s brain health is a strong personal concern for me, as my grandmother at 83 years young passed away from a 10 year battle with dementia. Over the course of a decade, my grandmother was transformed from a strong, independent and proud woman, wife, mother and grandmother, into a confused and frightened being who couldn’t […]

Take 10 minutes every morning to do this

We’re one week into the New Year and for you that might mean tweaking your morning routine to help you make the most of your busy days. When I think of people in the morning, two images come to mind. First are the people who HATE morning. They’re groggy, tired, zombie-like creatures who are still […]

Week 4: Fall Smoothie Challenge ~ Apple Cider Smoothie

It’s WEEK 4 of celebrating the two year anniversary of Naturally Nora (and my birthday!) which means I’ve got an incredible FREE giveaway. This month is your opportunity to (1) experiment with new warming, healing, fall-loving smoothies and (2) WIN my Smoothie with the Seasons Guide for FREE by participating in my Nourish Naturally Smoothie Challenge. Week 4: Apple […]