7 Reasons to Drink Kombucha 7 Days a Week

In 2012, I was introduced to Kombucha! At first, I couldn’t pronounce the name, was confused by ‘the yeast culture,’ and didn’t understand what ‘fermented tea’ actually meant. Does this sound familiar? Or are you still looking at me sideways? After four years of dabbling in this probiotic rich drink, I am now obsessed with Kombucha and […]

6 Ways to Cleanse for Spring!

Daylight is lingering, creativity is flourishing, birds are chirping and faces are smiling. Spring must be in the air!  Not only does spring symbolize renewal and rebirth, it’s also an opportunity to rid yourself of old habits, stagnant energy and ‘sludge’ you might be carrying around from the depths of winter. One of the best, […]

Get Your Health Back On Track With Just 1 Prick!

Hello, nice to meet you 2016! We are back to that time of year – new years resolution – and jumping back on the healthy bandwagon after pounds and pounds of indulging over the holidays. While you’ll find no shortage of tips on how to accomplish your goals, I’ve got a tool that will blow […]