Take 10 minutes every morning to do this

We’re one week into the New Year and for you that might mean tweaking your morning routine to help you make the most of your busy days. When I think of people in the morning, two images come to mind. First are the people who HATE morning. They’re groggy, tired, zombie-like creatures who are still […]

5 Ways to Discover YOUR Best Movement Practice

Moving is one of the most fundamental skills of life. From the moment we are introduced into this physical world, we cry which allows our lungs to breath (move) to get oxygen. Our lips purse (move) to find our mothers nipple to start eating. Our limbs flail (move) until we make skin to skin contact […]

Are you #parkcore? Ditch the gym, ditch the weights, and still get that summer body you’re looking for!

It’s August! We are halfway through this gorgeous summer and I am wondering if you have taken the time to enjoy the heat and sunshine before we start pulling out our winter apparel. One of my favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors is combining it with an exercise routine. Here’s the best part – it’s […]