5 Ways to Discover YOUR Best Movement Practice

Moving is one of the most fundamental skills of life. From the moment we are introduced into this physical world, we cry which allows our lungs to breath (move) to get oxygen. Our lips purse (move) to find our mothers nipple to start eating. Our limbs flail (move) until we make skin to skin contact […]

5 Ways to Become your own Supermarket Superhero

Do you avoid the grocery store like it’s the plague? Or maybe you get that anxious feeling when it’s time to head into the supermarket! If so, you’re not alone.  You probably wont be surprised to hear that a clean eating lifestyle requires some planning ahead, grocery shopping and commitment on all parties involved. It doesn’t […]

The Anatomy of a Perfect Smoothie

Smoothies have revolutionized the holistic nutrition industry. With endless possibilities, everyone can find a smoothie that works for their health, lifestyle, and taste buds. I’ve been ‘smoothying’ religiously for the past four years. I jumped back on the bandwagon when I went back to school for Holistic Nutrition. But, let me tell you. OH BOY have the […]