Why I’m 100% Healthier than I used to be, and how you can be too!

Health is a funny thing. And for most of my life, I thought I had it down pat.

As an extremely active child and adolescent, blessed with athletic genes and the world’s fastest metabolism, I was doing alright! Growing up I never had any major health issues, and lived in an environment that mainly promoted health. However, as I blossomed into my late teen and early adult years, some unhealthy habits began to take hold.  University came around, and like most early adults, I experimented with partying, binge drinking and loading up on all the wrong foods to satisfy my blood sugar cravings. While I never struggled with excess weight, I did get puffy, moody, terrible indigestion & PMS and suffered on the daily from constant lethargy and adult acne.


As the years passed from University to Corporate Professional, my lifestyle habits began to change, moving away from the ‘partying’ phase and into ‘corporate desk jockey’ phase. I kicked the late nights and drinking, and started paying closer attention to my diet and lifestyle habits.  But, I was still struggling with tummy issues, acne, irritability, bouts of extreme lethargy and terrible PMS. Something had to be done! I refused to allow myself to believe that this is just what your 20’s felt like as a young woman. So, my love and passion for physical movement brought me to a yoga class, which 6 months later lead me to complete a 200 hour teacher training, which then led me to an Ayurveda practitioner course, which then introduced me to Holistic Nutrition where I went back to school to become a CNP (Certified Nutritional Practitioner), all while still pursuing the corporate desk jockey life. Yes, I’m a type A personality, I’m a go getter, I love to be busy and have an unstoppable drive to connect with and help people.

That may have been why I decided to leave my sedentary day job to pursue my own business in health and wellness to ultimately help you become the healthiest person you know.

After going back to school as a mature student for Holistic Nutrition, I was blown away about the concept of ‘digestive health and wellness.’ First off, I had no idea how the human digestive system worked, how EXTREMELY important it is to overall health and how foods and digestion alone can start the cascade of dis-ease and chronic health problems.  I thought to myself, “That’s it, I’m set! I’m empowered with all this knowledge… No more cranky Nora, no more makeup to cover up my adult acne, no more mood swing and sugar cravings, no more complaining about being tired”….I was dedicated 100% to living the natural, holistic life (in balance of course).  After quitting my corporate job and starting my own business 2 years ago, alongside practicing natural and healthy living, I am proud to say most of my uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms have disappeared. I DID IT!

It is now my mission in life to be a leader and role model in the health industry to help others discover that they too have this potential.

Welcome, friends, family and followers, to the new and improved Naturally Nora website, your one stop shop for all of your natural living needs. My dedication to helping you live the healthiest and longest life you can begins in the gut. HOW? I’ve created a simple and easy to understand e-guide to help you get started, be one of the first to receive it for FREE by clicking here! BONUS, it also includes my Gut Enhancing Smoothie Recipe.

Naturally Nora » you can achieve your health goals with the right lifestyle and nutritional guidance

Jump on my bandwagon, and let me help you become the healthiest person you know. I’ve got some incredible things planned to help you nourish yourself naturally through nutrition, movement and meditation. Drop a line, say hello and don’t forget to connect with me on social media and ask questions. I can’t wait to meet you! Until then, blessings, peace and namaste!

About Nora DeBora

Nora DeBora is one of Toronto's leading Health and Wellness professionals who is certified in holistic nutrition, yoga and personal training. She specializes in digestive wellness and is passionate about educating and empowering her clients to achieve their optimal health goals.

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  1. Beverly lipson

    Nora I am so proud and very excited for your successes . Well done my love and I love to follow your lifestyle.
    Love you so much. ❤️❤️❤️

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